LOVE is a touch, but yet not a touch ♥

Inspired by me and hon ♥

Inspired by me and hon ♥

Love is a touch but yet not a touch,
Simple words but it means too much.
This is how you will do,
To make a girl fall in love with you.

Love letters, cute endearments, and Sweet words,
All these simple acts will make her feel important.
You may not be the best,
In touching her heart will make you win the quest.

Touch is not always physically,
Touch can sometimes be emotionally.
Words is so powerful that can fix a part,
The part with a broken heart.

Love is just a word,
But it can be your world.
Leaving a mark in her heart,
Is the best way in capturing her heart.


“What would you choose a World full of truth or a World full of lies?”

What will I choose? A world full of truth? Or a world full of lies? Many would just tell the truth because they are afraid to lie. And there are some would just lie because they are afraid to tell the truth. There might be a particular reason why we do those certain things it might be: we’re just protecting a certain person because we’re afraid to hurt them or just for our personal interest.

If I will to choose it would be the world full of truth. Life might be boring in that way, telling the truth. But, come to think of it when there’s truth, there’s honesty. Sometimes, truth really hurts but it will make you to be a better person, to improve more, and to strive harder. You’ll never have to worry about something because the word “LIE” doesn’t even exist. I have this belief “Do what you think is right and do what you think will make you happy.” Truth is just being yourself; it shows who you really are and no need for pretension. Telling the truth might result in 2 ways: happiness or hatred, the result will depend on how that person will appreciate it either, positively or negatively. Anything comes next when there’s truth: Improvement, Trust, Loyalty, and Love.

We don’t need to please everyone just to impress them, but showing who you really are is the most important one. Not every day we can be nice, because there will come a time that you’ll be tired of being nice when you know that it’s too much. That’s why I prefer showing who really I am than fooling other people who really I’m not. Because showing who really I am, there’s ACCEPTANCE. Not just acceptance of others, but acceptance in self.